Elastomers Basee

Natural Rubber NR and synthetic rubber SBR

Our rubber products are based on natural rubber, which is characterized by very good mechanical properties, high chemical resistance. This type of rubber is neutral towards food, medicines and in direct contact with the human body. All these factors make it possible to use them on daily basis, with hardness range 35-90 ShA and at temperatures of 60-90 Celsius degrees. Within this range we can offer:


Breathing valves


Elastic-flexible connection between metal and rubber

Various types of seals / gaskets

Nitrile rubber NBR

Rubber products from this group are based on nitrile rubber, which is characterized by excellent resistance to polar liquids, from water to different acids, alkalis, oils, greases and strong solvents. We produce seals / gaskets with hardness range 35-90 ShA, and withstand to high temperatures up to 120 Celsius degrees. Additionally nitrile rubber is resistant to abrasion with low permanent deformation. Within this range we can offer :

Membranes for gas industry

Technical seals / gaskets for sanitation industry

Rubber components of chemical equipment

Lining / covering, fittings, rubber couplings / connectors

Seals / gaskets

EPDM Rubber

The vulcanizates based on EPDM have good mechanical properties, low permanent deformation, and a high resistance to atmospheric conditions (oxygen, ozone, sunlight). Those products retain also their original characteristics. The strength, elasticity and temperature resistance (up to 120 Celsius degrees, And well below 0 Celsius degrees). EPDM rubber products have also electrical insulating properties, only effects of polar substances have negligible effects on mechanical parameters. Within this range we can offer:

Seal / gaskets for gas installations, ( particularly : oxygen and propane-butane)

Vias / Grommets , wire cover

Seals / Gaskets

Fittings exposed to changeable weather conditions

Silicon Rubber

Silicone products are a specific group of products. They are characterized by excellent mechanical performance with very good resistance to high temperatures of up to 300 Celsius degrees, with low brittleness temperature of -55 Celsius degrees. This product group have also excellent electrical insulating properties in one type and electrically conductive properties in another type. A very important advantage of silicon rubber is that they are physiologically neutral. With such properties there is extremely wide range of applications of silicon rubber. In our offer you can find:

Elastic and flexible insulating

Masks, respirators, membranes for medical devices

Plates, linings / carpets / covers with electric discharging properties

Elements used in printing industry

Seals / Gaskets for food industry

Elements used household items,

Polyurethane products

Polyurethane products are similar with their properties to the rubber products. Although they are characterized by not comparable to any other material resistance to abrasion. We can obtain a product of unparalleled hardness scatter from 15 to 80 ShD. degrees. Products in this group are more resident to compression and bending than rubber products. They are also resistant to changing weather conditions. Those type of products are perfect for large-scale production (thermoplastic PU) and unit-scale production (PU lane). Products in this group are used in many industries like :

Transport as lining shafts, rollers, wheels

Machine industry as a clutch, linings

Textiles, wood industries

Mining industry

Butyl rubber

Using butyl rubber base, we can offer products in the range of 40-80 ShD. degrees. With a moderate mechanical properties, butyl rubber has found other use. Products from this material is used for vibration reduction, and in industries where extremely low permeability is important. Therefore, in our offer you can find:

Rubber dampers

Rubber pads

Vibration isolators

Gas seals / Gaskets for hot liquids, chemical plants and other membranes

Flexible / elastic heaters